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Jennifer Halcrow

MCA Interim Director Jennifer Halcrow grew up “Up North” and began her career as a fundraiser in the arts. After nearly 30 years working for some of Minnesota’s most beloved arts organizations and nonprofits, she founded Corvus North in 2015 to support fundraising for organizations that are in periods of growth and transition. She provides strategic advice to build capital campaigns and annual fundraising efforts. Halcrow assists nonprofit organizations in recruiting and orienting volunteers to educate elected officials on the impact of their work. Her experience leading nonprofit marketing and fundraising teams has resulted in more than $135 million in charitable giving for important causes in the Upper Midwest. She maintains Certified Fundraising Executive status and required fundraising and lobbying registration in Minnesota. Halcrow and her partner live in Minneapolis with their two dogs. She loves live music of all genres and relishes the work of Minnesota’s arts groups and artists.

Favorite Art Form: Music of All Genres

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