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Pamela Snyder Etters

Pamela Snyder Etters is the Founder and Lead Artist with Murals Talk. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) from Penn State University in 2003. Making her mark in the Pennsylvania mural scene since 2005, Snyder Etters has earned a number of accolades for her mural work.
Snyder Etters began creating murals in 2005 in her home town of Altoona, PA. In 2008 she began working on a series of murals in Milton, PA before putting her brushes on a hiatus to start a family. While working in Milton, Etters began working more with community youth, involving them in her mural projects and the production of a fun children's history book, The ABC's of Milton. Her time working with the children led to a deeper understanding of the positive effects art has on youth and was the beginning of the concept for the Murals Talk Program.

Snyder Etters is also currently the full time Executive Director of the 91 year old Altoona Symphony Orchestra in Altoona, PA and the Head Women's Soccer Coach of the Penn State Altoona Women's Soccer Program. Snyder Etters is a native of Altoona and currently resides there with her husband Travis and their two daughters Emma and Tobin.

Studio artwork can be viewed on her personal website:

Favorite Art Form: Art

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