Arts pARTnerships Where You Don't Expect It

Recorded On: 07/23/2014

The arts have always had the power to excite people, but how can we tap into the arena of avid sports spectators to increase that energy even more? pARTnerships can happen in places where we least expect it, and collaborations with the sports world are ones that might not come to mind right away, but they can also produce excellent rewards. Learn from two examples of how the arts world has merged with sports: Margy Waller of Art on the Streets will join artist Pam Kravetz in a discussion of how they incorporated art into Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon; and ArtsWave's Rebecca Bromels will walk us through how they formed a great working relationship with a nationally franchised sports team-the Cincinnati Reds-through their Art Pass program, Art in the Park days, and more.


Margy Waller, Art on the Streets

Pam Kravetz, Cincinnati-based artist

Rebecca Bromels, Communications Director at ArtsWave


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