Connecting Communities Through Events

Recorded On: 07/23/2019


 About this Webinar

Most organizations feel the need to produce regular events to gain new audiences and foster returning patrons. However, if each event is not connecting with the community in a meaningful way, it is hard to rationalize the long hours your staff has put into producing it. Event production is more than just a logistical task and success can be gauged in more ways than just the audience numbers. This webinar will touch on how to look for the right person to produce your events and how logistical details should not take precedence over the skill of creating a mini-program that furthers your organization's mission and most importantly connects communities and creates thriving collaborations. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how to cultivate relationships through events
  • How to hire the right person to produce your events
  • How to gauge success for your organization after events

Sarah Rucker

Founder, Full Gallop

Sarah is a lifelong arts lover and advocate with 13 years of experience in arts research, programming and presenting. She is the founder of Full Gallop, which offers event production, community engagement and artist consulting services. Full Gallop strives to bridge cultures and connect communities through creative collaborations and programs. She has a personal mission to help increase equity in the arts, especially in Austin, where she recently started the Inclusion Riders Initiative ATX. She was also a founding board member of Austin Emerging Arts Leaders from 2013-2019.





Connecting Communities Through Events Webinar
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