COVID-19 Federal Relief Funds for the Arts 101 Series | CARES Act Overview

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This is the first video of our Federal Relief Funds for the Arts 1010 series. Join us as we explore an overview of relief opportunities from the CARES Act passed by congress in the end of March of 2020. 

Topics in this video include:

  1. IRS Rebates (beginning at 01:03)
  2. Pandemic Unemployment (beginning at 06:28)
  3. Paycheck Protection Program (beginning at 13:02)
  4. Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) (beginning at 23:31)
  5. Cultural Agencies (beginning at 30:58)

You may use the time-codes listed above to fast forward to a specific topic of interest. We will be releasing more in-depth videos on these topics over the next few weeks.

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Nina Ozlu Tunceli

Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs, Americans for the Arts

Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund

Nina Ozlu Tunceli is both Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs at Americans for the Arts as well as the Executive Director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund. Since 1993, Nina has served as the chief policy strategist for Americans for the Arts’ federal, state, and local public affairs work, grassroots advocacy campaigns, policy development, and national coalition-building efforts with cultural and civic organizations to advance the arts in America. In 2004, she also became the executive director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, a separate 501(c)(4) organization with a connected Political Action Committee—the only dedicated arts PAC in the country. Nina now mobilizes the political and legislative efforts of more than 420,000+ citizen activists in advancing arts policy issues to legislators and candidates seeking federal public office. She is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Richmond School of Law.

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CARES Act Overview Video