Data Visualization and Storytelling

Recorded On: 01/22/2020


About this Webinar 

 January 22, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST

Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to communicate information. Narrative structures make it easier for folks to remember and even care about the information being presented to them. Data collection has increasingly become a part of everyday life. Storytelling with that data can help individuals and organizations make better decisions using data; it can help make sense and find meaning in what can be an overwhelming sea of information.  

So how do you take a spreadsheet of numbers and turn it into a narrative? This webinar will help you understand the data storytelling pipeline so you can create effective visual stories. We’ll talk about what tools are available and what skills you will need to discover and visualize the stories in your data. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Start with questions; look at what you might be able to learn from the data you’ve got in front of you
  • Learn about some additional sources for finding good data, and best practices if you’re collecting data of your own
  • Understand what you do when the data you have doesn’t support the story you want to tell
  • Learn about the importance of graphicacy or visual literacy, and how to think critically about visualizations
  • Begin to understand effective methods of visually encoding information 
  • Build up a narrative from different facets of your data

Jennifer Deafenbaugh

Sr. Instructional Multimedia Designer, Nation of Makers

Jennifer Deafenbaugh is a data visualization specialist, interactive artist and makerspace advocate. She is presently leading the Data and Metrics of Impact Working Group within the Nation of Makers organization. Their major projects the Annual Survey of Makerspaces and the Make the Data blog at; they help the maker community learn about itself through data and data-driven stories. Jennifer helped found Make Nashville, a non-profit makerspace in Nashville, TN. She works as a Sr. Instructional Multimedia Designer at Schneider Electric, and she has recently received a MPS in Information Visualization from the Maryland Institute College of Art

Twitter: @ittybittyartist  


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Data Visualization and Storytelling
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