Going Green: How to Align Public Art with Green Building and Infrastructure

Recorded On: 05/04/2011

Increasingly, various levels of government are demanding that new and retrofitted public buildings and urban infrastructure meet green standards. Through case studies and policy examples we will cover fundamental approaches for integrating art that makes green technologies visible into the design and construction of green buildings, as well as public infrastructure. Participants will learn key language that describes approaches to public art that showcases green building and infrastructure technologies such as stormwater capture and energy production and how these kinds of public art can be integrated into existing and new ordinances and modifications to comprehensive plans. Productive strategies for the artist selection process, as well as green building standards materials resources and maintenance will also be covered.

Liesel Fenner, Public Art Program Manager, Americans for the Arts
Presenters: Mary Jo Aagerstoun, President, EcoArt South Florida, Inc; Rebecca Ansert, Principal, Green Public Art; Emily Blumenfeld, Public Art Consultant, Via Partnership; Mark Brest van Kempen, Public Artist; Patricia Watts, founder/west coast curator, ecoartspace.


Going Green: Public Art
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