Public Art and Its Impact on Community Recovery and Regeneration

Recovery from the global pandemic will demand ambitious strategies and tactics. No one alive has experienced what we are all going through. Beyond mitigating the immediate impacts of the pandemic, the cities' response will also determine social and economic outcomes for years to come. In this sense, the characteristics of response strategies now, open up possibilities for very different futures. What is the role of public art in the opportunity for recovery and regeneration? Discover how cities large and small are using public art as a catalyst to jump-start economies and inspire communities. Learn about the impact of public art projects and how cities use art and creativity to recover, regenerate and build momentum for the future.


Nick Anderson, Senior Associate, Creative Strategies, UAP (Urban Art Projects)
Umbereen Inayet, Programming Supervisor, City of Toronto Economic Development, Arts & Culture Division
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, Artist/Owner, Flash Sideways Studio
Tamsin Dillon, Executive Director, Socrates Sculpture Park