National Arts Action Digital Summit Agenda

Monday, April 27th

11:00 AM EST - FY 2021 Legislative and Political Update

1:00 PM EST - Supporting the Arts in Transit Projects

3:00 PM EST - The Latest in Tax Policy for Artists, Organizations, and Philanthropy

Tuesday, April 28th

1:00 PM EST - Advancing Arts and Health

3:00 PM EST - Supporting our Military and Veterans through the Arts

Wednesday, April 29th

11:00 AM EST - COVID-19 Relief Package

1:00 PM EST - Legislating the Creative Economy

3:00 PM EST - Expanding Arts and Technology

Thursday, April 30th

1:00 PM EST - Supporting Cultural Exchange and Visas for International Artists

3:00 PM EST - Protecting the Arts in Higher Education

Friday, May 1st

11:00 AM EST - Briefing on the National Endowment for the Arts, Charitable Giving, and Education Policy

1:00 PM EST - Diving Deeper: K-12 Education Policy

3:00 PM EST - Strengthening Arts and Juvenile Justice

All events will be recorded.

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