Arts, Culture, and Voter Engagement

Recorded On: 06/25/2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020
4:15 p.m. EDT

About this Session

Arts organizations and artists have a crucial role to play in energizing people in their communities around registering to vote and getting to the polls--particularly this year! In this session, learn about innovative arts- and creativity-based campaigns designed to encourage civic engagement, drive community dialogue, and get out the vote.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about innovative arts- and creativity-based campaigns to encourage civic engagement.
  • Explore what you can do to encourage voting in your community.
  • Learn about what is and isn't possible for public and private agencies and arts organizations when it comes to encouraging voting.

Gustavo Herrera, Arts for LA
Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Americans for the Arts

This session is a part of the 2020 Annual Convention and Public Art & Civic Design Conference

Gustavo Herrera

Executive Director, Arts for LA

Gustavo was appointed as Arts for LA’s Executive Director in December 2018.  

Most recently, Gustavo served as the Western Regional Director for Young Invincibles (YI), where he set strategic direction and advanced YI’s policy priorities on health care, higher education, jobs, and civic engagement for the region. Prior to his policy advocacy role, Gustavo was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes (LAPCA), overseeing the day-to-day operation of a county museum, including the oversight of a master plan committee responsible for strategically developing three acres of additional museum campus. From 2010-2012, Gustavo led the Maestro Foundation, a classical music and performance arts foundation. Between 2007-2010, he assessed and recommended business growth strategies in the US marketplace for the global Fortune 500 Company, American Honda Motors, Co.

Gustavo holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from American Jewish University and a dual Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with an emphasis in socio-politics and economics and Art History from the University of California Santa Barbara. Gustavo serves on the Board of Directors of California Forward and Mt. San Antonio College Foundation. He is an Advisory Board Member for the California Physician’s Alliance and the American Jewish University MBA Program.

Nina Ozlu Tunceli

Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs, Americans for the Arts

Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund

Nina Ozlu Tunceli is both Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs at Americans for the Arts as well as the Executive Director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund. Since 1993, Nina has served as the chief policy strategist for Americans for the Arts’ federal, state, and local public affairs work, grassroots advocacy campaigns, policy development, and national coalition-building efforts with cultural and civic organizations to advance the arts in America. In 2004, she also became the executive director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, a separate 501(c)(4) organization with a connected Political Action Committee—the only dedicated arts PAC in the country. Nina now mobilizes the political and legislative efforts of more than 420,000+ citizen activists in advancing arts policy issues to legislators and candidates seeking federal public office. She is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Richmond School of Law.

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Arts, Culture, and Voter Engagement
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