Interactive Break: The Joy of Breath and Movement (NAMPC 2021)


Frances Kao, Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

About this Session

Using yoga breath practices (pranayama) and easy-to-follow movement patterns (kriyas), let’s turn our attention within, nourish our body and mind with the expansion and flow of breath, and explore and play through the joy of movement.  
This practice can be done seated or standing as needed or desired. Optional props for the practice: a stable chair, a yoga block, or any lightweight object like an empty water bottle or a paperback book. 

This session is a part of the 2021 National Arts Marketing Project Conference.

Frances Kao

Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

Frances Kao LLC

Frances Kao is a movement scholar and theatre kid who invites humans to play and practice embodying artist, athlete, and activist.

From 1998, alongside a 17-year career in professional theatre-arts-education, I’ve been blessed with multiple opportunities to study human movement techniques and systems. 

Since 2015 my life work has focused on human wellness and wholeness starting where we are right now, with our body-breath-mind exactly as we show up today.

In response to the pandemic, I shifted all my teaching online.  With 23 years of teaching experience and 18 months of online implementation, I am delighted for this opportunity to move with folks participating in the 2021 National Arts Marketing Project Conference through a live online platform.

In gratitude to my movement lineage, to my teachers, to their teachers, to all the teachers and practitioners who have come before, and all yet to be.

May our breath and movement amplify our vibration, may our vibration (how we show up for this life) honor our ancestors, serve our descendants, and nourish all. 

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The Joy of Breath and Movement (NAMPC 2021)
Live event: 12/07/2021 at 5:00 PM (EST) You must register to access.