NAMP Ignite: The Role of the Marketer as an Advocate and Champion (NAMPC 2021)


Mark Cardwell, Cardwell Communications LLC

About this Session

We acknowledge that marketers have been under significant stress.  And that they continue to experience frustrations unique to the role, such as consistently being expected to ‘work magic’. We want to remind marketers that there is a reason for their endurance. That they believe in something…a cause, a passion, a purpose. That it matters and that they matter. That their talent and skills are indispensable especially today. We hope this encourages you to look up and lift up other arts marketers, to engage and share knowledge with one another, to be fully present today so as to ensure a brighter future. 

This session is a part of the 2021 National Arts Marketing Project Conference.

Mark Cardwell

Owner and Principal Consultant

Cardwell Communications LLC

Mark Cardwell is the Owner and Principal Consultant for Cardwell Communications LLC, a full-service marketing consultancy as well as the founder of the Ohio Marketing Association (OMA). OMA is a nonprofit association dedicated to professional development and networking opportunities for Ohio marketing practitioners. A distinctive mission of OMA is to strengthen nonprofit impact through marketing education.Mark is a board member for the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO) and serves as a member of its council of consultants.

Mark is a member of the Americans for the Arts; National Arts Marketing Project Steering Committee. Mark is currently on faculty with the Americans for the Arts project ARTS U as well as a part of AFTA’s panel of experts.

Mark is also board member for Indiana based nonprofit multi-store retailer Global Gifts.Mark has 30 years of experience in arts marketing, operational leadership, executive level management, media sales and communications.Mark has a long history of board level community service and has been recognized for his work with local and national awards.Mark is also an artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

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NAMP Ignite: The Role of the Marketer as an Advocate and Champion (NAMPC 2021)
NAMP Ignite: The Role of the Marketer as an Advocate and Champion (NAMPC 2021) CAPTIONED