Can a Pandemic Actually Make Your Email Marketing Program Better?


Kirk Bentley, Wordfly

About this Session

For most arts & culture organizations, email is a critical lifeline to their audience. Join this exciting session and learn how to turn this worldwide pandemic into positive change for your email program. We’ll review how arts marketers around the world are responding to COVID-19 by making this tried and true messaging channel work even harder. You’ll get ideas for your own organization as we discuss how to modify the content, list segmentation and cadence of your campaigns. We’ll analyze several case studies and see how arts organizations have pushed email in a new direction, by engaging with subscribers in innovative ways and discovering a new audience clamoring for their content. Whether you’re in marketing, development, education or a little of each, you’ll walk away inspired.   

Learning Objectives
  • How to change your segmentation and cadence to maximize your reach.
  • How to turn the inbox into a virtual venue.
  • How to use email to communicate critical visitor safety information with marketing flair.

This session is a part of the 2020 National Arts Marketing Project Conference.

Kirk Bentley

Business Development Director


Kirk Bentley works in the arts and culture marketing industry. For over 15 years, he’s helped hundreds of theatres, museums and music venues around the world create innovative marketing campaigns that power ticket sales, engage audiences and drive membership. Kirk is a certified email geek, artist and father enjoying life in Seattle. When he’s not working on email campaigns, he’s making indie pop music as Missing Image.

WordFly provides easy-to-use tools built for the arts and culture industry. We help you create impactful marketing campaigns that deliver results. Send email and SMS, publish surveys and RSVPs, and design beautifully modern web pages. 

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Can a Pandemic Actually Make Your Email Marketing Program Better?