How much do ArtsU products (webinars, classrooms etc.) cost?

Products have varying prices (listed on the registration page) but typically:

  • Everyone has access to ArtsU topic pages and the free webinar youtube page.
    Non-members pay $35 for webinars, $35 for lessons, and $150 for classrooms.
    Americans for the Arts members have FREE access to all webinars, lessons, and classrooms. Interested in becoming a member? Click here to learn more.

What's the difference between the types of products?

Live Webinars: An online live seminar, lecture, or workshop that happens in real time, uses visual aids as users participate through an online chat room.

On-Demand Webinar: A pre-recorded live webinar, available at any time.

Digital Lesson: A self-contained, interactive, anytime, e-learning module. Digital Classroom: Consisting of multiple digital lessons plus participant interaction through virtual meetings.

What are the topics of webinars (categories)?

Our main categories are arts & business, arts education, arts management, arts marketing, community engagement, creative economy, leadership, public art, and social change. But we always encourage you to share ideas for webinar topics that would be helpful to you! Send your ideas to ArtsU@artsusa.org,

How often can I return and review a purchased product?

Anytime you want. You will see all the product you are registered for and all the sessions added to your account on your dashboard.

How do I make suggestions for possible webinar topics?

Please complete our survey after finishing a product or contact Artsu@artsusa.org.

How do you select your speakers for webinars? Can I be a webinar speaker?

Most speakers are selected by our staff based on their expertise or their management of an innovative program. If you are interested in sharing your program and/or expertise, please contact ArtsU@artsusa.org with your name and topic ideas.

I'm having trouble with my account information, need a receipt, or can't find a webinar I purchased.

For any issues, please contact ArtsU@artsusa.org

Do you offer CEU or certificates for completed products?

We currently do not offer Continuing Education Units.

What are the system requirements for accessing a webinar?

Prior to a live event, you may test your web browser to be sure you have the required Flash software. To do so, direct your web browser to the following URL: www.ec.commpartners.com. Click on the "Browser Test." If you pass the test, you will see a "Congratulations" message. If you do not, you will be given instructions on where you can download the newest version of Flash. This is a free download.

It is recommended that you use a high speed/broadband Internet connect (Wi-Fi is not recommended), a PC with Windows and Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher. If you are using a Mac, please use the Safari web browser. Please refer to the Technical Support Document for additional troubleshooting steps.