AAE:SIA Module 6: Helping Leaders Value Artists (Fall 2021)

Arts Administrators Essentials: Supporting Individual Artists 

Module 6: Helping Leaders Value Artists

Access Dates: November 29, 2021

Quiz Due: December 13, 2021

Facilitated online Discussion: December 14, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT

Investigate practical strategies negotiating and advocating for artists with apprehensive executive leaders and supervisors to support new programs and approaches. Participants will learn how to be strategic in communicating needs to meet programmatic goals, demonstrate the value of individual artists, articulate tangible needs from leaders, and how to connect community goals with the mission of the organization for effective results. Participants will be able to articulate their position and artists’ importance in the creative ecosystem.

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AAE:SIA Module 6 Quiz
Module 6 Live Discussion
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