Accountability and Disability Justice - 2023 Disability Justice Virtual Resource series

Includes a Live Web Event on 04/14/2023 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

Accountability and Disability Justice

Video and Live Conversation 

The 2023 Disability Justice Virtual Resource series is part of an ongoing effort by Americans for the Arts (AFTA) and Mid Atlantic Arts to provide resources to support individuals and organizations in the mid-Atlantic region with engaging in the essential work of accessibility and disability justice in their communities.

This pre-recorded video and live conversation are on the topic of accountability and disability justice. 

  • First, listen to Dominic Bradley and Lily Lipman, in a pre-recorded 30-minute video, discuss the importance of holding individuals and the organization as a whole accountable a topic that is still being discovered.
  • Then, join Dominic and Lily for a live conversation on April 14, 2023 at 2 PM ET! 

View the pre-recorded videos on your own time, and feel free to share them with your networks! Then, if you want to keep the conversation going, join us for a candid live conversation on each topic. Live conversations will not be recorded, and there is a registration caps of 50-people-- so sign up today! ASL interpretation and live captioning will be provided for live conversations. 


Dominic Cinnamon Bradley

Dominic Cinnamon Bradley (The Johns Hopkins University BA | Columbia University MSW) is a Brooklyn-based Black, disabled, non-binary artist reared in the crunk-era “Dirty South.” Currently, Dominic is a co-editor for an upcoming book project on disability artistry. 

Lily Lipman

Director of Accessibility

Emit Theatre

Lily Lipman (she/they) is a disabled freelance access consultant, educator, and actor. Lily is the Director of Accessibility for Emit Theatre where she makes their immersive productions for children more accessible for everyone participating. Lily also works at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts where she runs the Lincoln Center Moments program for folks with Dementia and their caregivers. She’s worked throughout NYC as an access consultant for cultural institutions including the Leslie Lohman Museum and New York City Children’s Theatre. Lily is an educator for the Museum Access Consortium where she teaches a course through CUNY to disabled students about careers in cultural institutions. She believes in creating spaces for disabled and d/Deaf people to find community and advocate for more accessible systems. They love talking with other disabled creatives and workers about advocating for change. If you’d like to chat with them feel free to reach out at or visit their website at


Accountability and Disability Justice
Listen to Dominic Bradley and Lily Lipman discuss the complexity of accountability within Disability Justice as a topic area that is still being discovered. Dominic and Lily work to inspire the audience to dig deeper in their 30 minutes pre-recorded conversation. After watching the video join for a live conversation with Dominic and Lily on April 14th 2023 at 2 PM ET! You must register to access.
Accountability and Disability Justice Live Conversation
Live event: 04/14/2023 at 2:00 PM (EDT) You must register to access.