April 2020 Member Briefing: Gathering Insight into PAN Year in Review

Recorded On: 04/21/2020

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April 2020 Member Briefing: Gathering Insight into PAN Year in Review

About the Member Briefing

Join this member briefing to gain and provide insight into the next iteration of the PAN Year in Review. During this member briefing, hear from Patricia Walsh, Public Art & Civic Design Senior Program Manager at Americans for the Arts, about the current state of the program, why it is on hold this year, and discuss ideas for improving the program for the future.

Member Briefings are our monthly opportunity to talk to you about what’s happening now! These calls will take place once a quarter, so mark your calendars to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Americans for the Arts and across the sector. These calls are for you, so let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to know more about by contacting membership at membership@artsusa.org.

We firmly believe that our #AFTAmember network is one of our strongest resources, so after our update, we’ll open the floor up to your questions, comments, recommendations, and lessons learned – we hope you’ll take advantage of each other’s expertise!

Patricia Walsh

Public Art & Civic Design Senior Program Manager

Americans for the Arts

As the Public Art & Civic Design Senior Program Manager,Patricia Walsh overseas five program areas under the Equity + Local ArtsEngagement department including Arts and Community Development; Arts in CivicDesign; Creative Placemaking; Cultural Districts, Trails and Tourism; andPublic Art. Through her work she engages with and works to educate local artsagency leaders on how to utilize the arts to equitably address community needsand goals. Her work aims to support professional development, resource buildingand networking opportunities for arts administrators to utilize the arts tocreate accessible public spaces, enable inclusive and equitable communitydevelopment, and ensure the arts are an active component in equitable economicgrowth and sustainability.

Patricia is a member of the Arts and Planning Interest GroupSteering Committee for American Planning Association, co-chair for theWashington District Council on Placemaking for Urban Land Institute, and anartist selection committee member for two projects with the City of Rockville,Maryland.

She holds a Master of Science in Arts Administration from BostonUniversity, a Bachelor of Arts in painting from State University of New York atPlattsburgh, and an Associates in Applied Science in Commercial Art fromDutchess Community College.


April 2020 Member Briefing: Gathering Insight into PAN Year in Review Recorded