Artists at the Community Development Table Local Workshop - Allegany County, MD

Artists at the Community Development Table

Local Workshop - Allegany County, MD

November 14, 2020 from 11:00 AM ET - 1:00 PM ET

Through Artists at the Community Development Table, we aim to deepen the capacity at the local level to pursue arts-based solutions to community development. The Artists at the Community Development Table Local Workshops are designed to help artists and arts organization professionals gain a better understanding of how they can use their artistic product to engage in arts-based solutions to address community development needs.

About this workshop:

This workshop is free and open to artists and arts administrators from Allegany County, MD who are interested in or currently implementing community-driven art practices or projects. To address concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans for the Arts is working with the Allegany Arts Council to develop a social distance experience that still allows for learning about the tenants of the Artists@CDT program and to build connections with each other.

To participate in a local workshop, attendees will be required to:

  • Watch the online four-module course that outlines the four core focus areas of this work. Through taking this course, participants will be able to: articulate a deeper understanding of the concepts of arts-based community development, define the complex layers of community, demonstrate how artists and creative people are part of those communities, and embrace the philosophy of “With Not For”- working with and alongside people.
  • Attend the two-hour virtual workshop facilitated by program facilitators and local artists. Through this discussion-based event, attendees will gain answers to questions they developed in the online classroom, learn from the work of artists in their community, discuss the challenges facing their community, and gain connections with other local artists and arts administrators.

There is no fee too attend, but registration is required. By registering for this page you will receive a discount code to register for the Artists at the Community Development Table Online Course for free. Participants should only register if they are able to participate in the entire program. To register, click the "Register" option in the top right portion of this page. 

Please email Marissa Shadburn with any questions.


  • Con Christeson, Community Artist
  • Roseann Weiss, Creative Consultant
  • Mark Ashby, President and Director, Acting out for ALS Research
  • Jacqie Q, Artist

Local Host: Allegany Arts Council

Americans for the Arts gratefully acknowledges The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its support of the Artists at the Community Development Table Initiative. 


Roseann Weiss

Creative Advisor

Roseann Weiss is a creative advisor and strategist about the intersections of art and community working independently as ART +. She has 30 years of experience in arts leadership in nonprofit arts institutions, community organizations, and gallery settings. Her expertise centers in arts-based community development, community and public arts, artists' professional development, and grant-making. For 14 years, she guided the Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute at the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission, which is an innovative, cross-sector program designed around art as a powerful agent for social change. Among her current projects are Lead Educator for Arts as Civic Engagement program at the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University and working with Americans for the Arts to create guides, webinars, and workshops for “Artists at the Community Development Table.”



Con Christeson

Community Artist

Con is an artist exploring communities. She experiences community by observing pools of knowledge and experience that exist alongside historical rootedness and the complex concept of place. It is a topographical map of wind, weather, and time. It is the science of hard scape. It is multiple layers of memory and story. It is individual and institutional. It can reinforce or bury the human experience. 

Con’s work is at the intersection of space and place, a collaboration between consciousness and creativity. She works locally, nationally, and internationally because those virtual lines drawn by humans on the surface of this planet are not real. And yet, she believes they slow us, confine us, stop us, turn us away from each other. 


Mark Ashby

President & Director, Acting out for ALS Research

Mark Ashby is president and director of Acting Out for ALS Research, a nonprofit charitable theater organization begun in memory of his mother Sharon, with the goal of assisting community members diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) with expenses connected to their diagnosis.  Since their first production in 2014, Acting Out has raised over $56,000 from box office proceeds and other fundraisers for home accessibility improvements, durable medical equipment, and nursing care not covered by health insurance.  His own theatrical credits include Felix Unger in The Odd Couple, Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, and Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar.  In his career as an audiobook narrator, he has voiced nearly 800 titles, including many that are available on Audible.  He lives in Allegany County, Maryland, with his wife Jennifer and teenage sons Nathan and Trevor.

Jacqie Q


Jacqie Q started as a passion project in 2011. The camera gave me an outlet to feel and express myself. Even today, I express emotions using photography. I capture love - families and couples, life stories, authentic emotions, and the real people behind small businesses. I find the most beautiful you and document that. My education is in Biology and teaching, and I have a decade of experience in multiple levels of classrooms. Teaching is as much of a passion as photography. I live in Western Maryland, happy in the mountains, with my two sons and our mini farm of animals. Within my community, I organize Cumberland Pride to help promote love and diversity across the region. Building community and positive relationships will help increase quality of life in our home.  |

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Artists at the Community Development Table Local Workshop Live Discussion
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