ArtsU Intensive: Community, Values, and Histories in Public Art

Recorded On: 03/04/2021

imageAbout this Intensive

As monuments come down around the country and other public artworks replace them, we must grabble with what histories or values are being expressed through public art. Whether reviewing current collections or creating a new artwork, the conversation of  whom and what public art represents is a necessary dialogue to have with our community members. This 3-hour intensive workshop will dive into how public art practitioners can work within their organizations to ensure that public art processes center community. This workshop will cover how to identify issues and historical context, ways to discuss sensitive topics within their organizations and with community members, and steps to take to develop an equitable community engagement plan for future public artworks.

Participants in this intensive will:

  • Learn ways to work with communities to identify cultural and historical issues
  • How to address difficult conversations with community groups, particularly if they are not related to that group
  • How to build out a community engagement plan for public artworks


ArtsU Intensives are extended deep dive learning sessions of hyper-focused topics. These enriched e-learning sessions are quarterly opportunities for members of the field to interact with, engage and immerse in crucial topics and concepts.

Amina Cooper

Program Director, Public Art - CLT Airport

Arts and Science Council, Charlotte

Amina's work in public art is centered around policy development and public art planning with a special emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. In her current role as Public Art Director - CLT Airport, Amina is responsible for coordinating and managing public art project management at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) on behalf of the Arts & Science Council (ASC).  Amina works with multiple stakeholders to coordinate design, construction, and installation of public art at CLT, ranked among the top 10 busiest airports in the world. She previously served as a curator and public arts manager for Montgomery County, Maryland, managing public art policy development and collection management efforts for the County.  She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Howard University and a Master of Science degree in Arts Administration from Boston University. In her free time, she moderates @blackmonuments on Instagram, a space that highlights public art and design projects by Black creators.


Part 1; ArtsU Intensive: Navigating Community, Values, and Histories in Public Art
Live event: 03/04/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST) You must register to access.
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