Ask an Expert: Conserving & Maintaining Public Artworks

Recorded On: 10/22/2019

About this Conversation

Conservators have unique skills and knowledge that help public art administrators in caring for public art collections. For this live, online event attendees will have the opportunity to connect with two public art conservation experts to ask questions regarding the care and maintenance of public art collections. Participants will gain insight into what conservators do, how to find and work with conservators, ways they can help maintain their collection, and more!

Learning Objectives

  • Hear from experts on how to conserve and maintain a public art collection
  • Learn about resources available for conservation and maintenance of public art collection

Rosa Lowinger

Chief Conservator and CEO

Rosa Lowinger & Associates DBA RLA Conservation of Art + Architecture

Rosa Lowinger is Principal and Chief Conservator of RLA Conservation of Art + Architecture, and a practitioner with 30+ years of experience. She is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation and the ASsociation for Preservation Technology and was the 2009 Rome Prize Fellow in Conservation at the American Academy in Rome. She holds an M.A. in art history and conservation from NYU's Institute of Fine Arts and has worked in public art conservation for major programs since the 1990s.


Twitter: @RLAconservation

Robert G. Lodge

President, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc

Bob holds a graduate degree in conservation and has been a conservator in Oberlin, Ohio for the past 36 years. He founded his company 31 years ago and now with a staff of 11 full-time employees is largely engaged in the conservation of outdoor sculpture and public art of diverse media. Because media is so diverse, many of the 7 conservator employees, including himself, has a material specialty, such as metals; casting; stone, mortars and cements; mosaics; electronics, electronic lighting and computers; FRP; industrial coatings; shop and location painting; and automotive finishes. The company operates The Ohio Conservation Center, a complex of three dedicated buildings and grounds with spaces and equipment necessary for rigging, craning, moving and working on the most monumental of artworks.

Bob’s specialties have been industrial coatings on metals (specifications and inspections/failure analyses); relocation of endangered mosaics; and collection condition information management.

For the past 22 years he and his company have been continuously in contract with the U.S. General Services Administration for the nation-wide conservation of government public sculptural fine art and significant architectural ornamentations (commissions dating back into the 19th century) as well as the public art commissions of the GSA Art-in-Architecture program.    


Twitter: @ohioconcenter

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Ask an Expert: Conserving & Maintaining Public Artworks
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