Collaborative Leadership for Impact

Recorded On: 02/14/2019

 About this Webinar

Collaborative Leadership is an approach which brings together leaders across organizations and sectors to create and implement a common agenda to achieve equitable, sustainable and replicable results. Authentic, adaptive, inclusive, and collaborative leadership styles are essential for these efforts to truly move the needle. This approach is built upon five interconnected components and shared values. In this webinar we will explore how a collaborative leadership approach can produce strong alignments and lead to large-scale impact and effective collaborations.

Learning Objectives

This is participatory session as we explore the 5 key components of Collaborative Leadership, community engagement strategies, and equity mapping and how applying them to future initiatives are integral to success.

Nina Goodale

Cultural Arts Coordinator, City of Virginia Beach

Nina Goodale is the Cultural Arts Coordinator for the City of Virginia Beach. In this capacity she acts as a liaison between artists, architects, Public Art Foundation, contractors, developers, city departments and community groups in developing, commissioning and managing public art projects. Her experience is at the intersection of art, culture, and community engagement. Nina is a recent transplant from Hartford where she worked with the city on establishing programs that connected the neighborhoods around key initiatives ranging from violence reduction to economic development. Through her work and experiences, she has developed a keen lens on conditions necessary for residents to connect within a city and organically amplify the best of a place.


Collaborative Leadership for Impact Webinar
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