County Arts Network Call: Leveraging Partnerships for Increased Impact, Efficiency, and Reach

Recorded On: 12/02/2019


About this Conversation

From new public art initiatives and community events to capacity building programs and cooperative marketing, partnerships are frequently used at the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) to achieve our mission, support the creative economy, and increase the impact, reach, and efficiency of our programs. In this webinar we will explore partnerships with local government agencies, media outlets, funders, real estate developers, and grantees that scaffold and expand AHCMC’s core work. These partnerships support individual artists and arts organizations, expand opportunities in the creative economy, and influence arts-inclusive policies across Montgomery County. Throughout the webinar we will explore different types of partnerships, goal setting and evaluation of partnerships, and tactics for leveraging advocacy in combination with partnerships to achieve organizational and programs goals. Following the presentation, an interactive discussion will be facilitated to give participants an opportunity to share their past experiences with partnerships, discuss perceived barriers to success, and pitch future partnership ideas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Inspire participants to leverage their networks and resources to build partnerships that support them in achieving their organizational/program goals through discussing examples of partnerships at AHCMC.
  • Explore the cross-section of partnerships and advocacy to help identify the best relationships participants already have in order to identify potential future partnerships.
  • Support participants in creating defined partnerships goals that can be measured and evaluated in order to focus on impact and efficiency of partnerships.

Joe Frandoni

Deputy Director, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County

For the past ten years, Joe Frandoni has advocated for expanded cross-cultural dialogue, equity, and increased operational efficiency in arts management; leading arts and cultural organization to develop innovative values-based business solutions that expand their community impact and operational efficiency. He is a graduate of both the Master in Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University and the Masters in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna in Bologna Italy. In his current position as Deputy Director of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC), he spearheads program development for AHCMC, advocacy efforts for the community, and capacity-building initiatives for constituents. Previously, he has held positions with the Kennedy Center’s DeVos Institute of Arts Management, the Center for Arts Management and Technology, and as a middle school music teacher in his home state of Ohio.      

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County Arts Network Call: Leveraging Partnerships for Increased Impact, Efficiency, and Reach Recorded
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