Earth Day 2019: Restored Spaces

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April 22, 2019 at 3:00PM EDT

Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Restored Spaces Initiative uses socially engaged public art as a platform for community-led neighborhood change. Project sites become a community space and a strategic hub for cooperative thinking, spatial inventiveness, and environmental restoration. Restored Spaces Initiative employs a social justice approach to project design and implementation, centering participants as the experts on the needs of their community and the articulators of project goals and priorities.

Trash Academy is a “collaboratory” between community members, artists, environmental activists, city leaders and high school students from all across the city that inspires a wellspring of actions around trash issues, and tests and shares the best grassroots solutions that emerge. A special chemistry occurs at the intersection of these diverse partnerships, one that allows for the creation of projects that pointedly address a social issue as experienced by people who are often the most impacted by its challenges.

Join Restored Spaces Initiative Founder, Shari Hersh, as she shares the environmental justice tenants that inform the initiative’s projects and programs and will lead participants through the strategies developed in the initiative and tactical approaches through a case study on Trash Academy. 

Participants Will: 

  • Understand the key tenants of environmental justice 
  • Explore how a public art program and project can create strategies and tactics that support environmental justice

Shari Hersch

Senior Project Manager/Founder, Restored Spaces

Shari Hersh is a community artist and organizer. As Senior Project Manager and Founder of the Restored Spaces Initiative at the Mural Arts Program, Hersh researches and develops innovative projects in the public sphere. In partnership with artists, activists, youth and communities, Hersh facilitates a collaborative model of practice that emphasizes art and creativity as essential vehicles for catalyzing dialogue, building relationships and making decisions collectively. Her projects convene communities in collaboration with artists to create palpable positive impacts in neighborhoods and to affirm citizen rights to shape and use the city’s public spaces. Her work addresses the question, ‘How can we reknit social fabric through reshaping our communities, our environment and ourselves?’ Her recent efforts focus on socially engaged projects with youth, community and interdisciplinary collaborations that address issues such as housing, sustainability and access, and right to green spaces. 

Twitter: @muralarts



Earth Day 2019: Restored Spaces Webinar
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