Engaging And Welcoming People With Disabilities To Our Arts Organizations

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The arts are for everyone and everyone is different. How we understand and respect each other's' difference is a priority of arts marketers. We often talk about our difference, our diversity by categories such as race, age, gender, social-economic status, sexual orientation, etc. More often than not, disability is the 'etc' on the diversity continuum. It's hidden, it's not to be talked about or discussed. Don't look, don't say the wrong thing. But it's OK to say disability. It's OK to ask questions, I'm disabled and I'm here to talk about disability.

This webinar will explore misconceptions, assumptions and fears we have about disability. If we want to welcome people with disabilities to our arts organizations, then we need to better understand the barriers they encounter, the attitudes they face and other issues that prevent their full participation. This webinar will consider disability from a community/multi-cultural perspective, providing suggestions on how to create relationships with different segments of the disability community. Join me for an open and honest conversation about disability.


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Beth Prevor, Co-founder and Executive Director of Hands On: Providing accessibility to arts & cultural events for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities

Beth Prevor is the co-founder and Executive Director of Hands On, an arts service organization which provides, supports and advocates for the accessibility of the arts for the Deaf/hard of hearing community through the following services: production of sign language interpreted performances, information and referral, theater consultations and workshops. Beth currently serves as an advisory board member for Lincoln Center's Department of Program and Services for People with Disabilities and the Museum Access Consortium. She has advised for the New Jersey Theater Alliance and Hospital Audiences. She has presented workshops on arts marketing for people with disabilities at the Kennedy Center's LEAD conference and Americans for the Arts. As a person with a disability, Beth has promoted and advocated for inclusion in the arts for all people with disabilities for the last 30 years.

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Welcoming People With Disabilities
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