How an Artist-Driven Art Project Turned into a Community Embraced Cultural Asset

Recorded On: 06/02/2021

imageAbout this Webinar

Artists drive change and have a unique ability to create the amazing out of what seems like nothing. In this webinar we will hear from artist Heather Theresa Clark on how she conceived, developed and ultimately created “Sky Stage” an open-air public artwork that both provides space for community performances and gathering and commentary on the environment. Clark started with a vision to create an artwork out of a building in downtown Fredrick, Maryland. As she strived to make her concept a reality, she built relationships with private landowners, government officials and even a historic planning commission to repurpose what was a burned out pre-revolutionary building shell into “Sky Stage”. Through her presentation, attendees will learn how she built relationships with decision makers and the community at large, what it took to fundraise for the project and engage the local community.

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Hear how an artists built community support for the redesign of an empty building
  • Learn how to build relationships and trust for the development of a public artwork and cultural assets
  • Understand the various elements in developing, fundraising and building a unique community arts space

Heather Theresa Clark


Heather Theresa Clark utilizes art, architecture and public interventions to catalyze built environments that power themselves, cleanse themselves, transform waste, provide wildlife habitat, produce food, and enhance the lives of people. Clark comes from a background immersed in art, making, and managing large-scale projects that benefit people and the environment.  She interweaves her passion for art, building science, making, ecology, social justice, green development and planning to create projects that challenge present reality and attempt to make life more fulfilling. She has transformed a burned building shell into an open-air theater with a living sculpture; co-created the Busycle, a 15 person-pedal powered bus; and shown her artwork internationally.   Clark has been a Hamiltonian Fellow in Washington DC; the 2017 artist-in-residence at the Woods Hole Research Center, a leading climate change think tank; and the 2016 recipient of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Sculpture Fellowship Award.  She holds a Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, summa cum laude, in Environmental Science and Community Planning, a self-designed major.

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Rescheduled - How an Artist-Driven Art Project Turned into a Community Embraced Cultural Asset
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