Hyperlocal: Arts & Local Economies

Recorded On: 03/15/2019

image About this Webinar

We are currently existing in the era of the Gig Economy, and the skills that are now needed to affect the creative class and growth look quite different than they once did, especially with investment being pumped into cities and urban neighborhoods. The creative class is essential to driving innovation and changing the future of our cities. Yet few creative professionals feel like they are sufficiently equipped with the business savvy required to succeed in today’s global marketplace. Join Rasu Jilani, Director of Recruiting and Community Engagement at New Inc, as we explore the idea of hyperlocalism and learn how creatives can be active participants in their local ecosystems. 

Participants Will:

  • Re-Imagine/contextualize the Creative Sector;
  • Learn about participation in local ecosystems Identify tangible skills for creative practice
  • Identify tangible skills for creative practice

Rasu Jilani

Director, Recruiting & Community Engagement, New Inc

Rasu Jilani is an independent curator, social sculptor, and entrepreneur. His work investigates the intersections of art, culture, and civic engagement to raise critically-conscious conversations between artists, their local communities, and the wider public. Mr. Jilani is currently the Director of Recruiting and Community Engagement at New Museum's cultural incubator, NEW INC.

Website: newinc.org      

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Hyperlocal: Arts & Local Economies Webinar
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