Inside a Museum Turnaround

Recorded On: 10/09/2012

Nina Simon, known for her popular blog Museum 2.0, has been acclaimed for her visionary approach to engaging the public in cultural institutions to make them more dynamic, relevant, essential places. Last year, Ms. Simon took on the task of turning around a cultural institution that was floundering financially, testing out her community-centered approach with the aim of creating a dynamic new future for the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz. By taking risks and engaging audiences and donors in new ways, the Museum has experienced a dramatic financial and programmatic turnaround. Find out what Nina Simon learned and how you can apply ideas of participatory design to connect with community members and inspire collaboration and co-creation of new cultural experiences.

Presenters: Presented by: Nina Simon, Author and Executive Director The Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA


Inside a Museum Turnaround
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