Investing in Local Partnerships to Address Community Goals

Recorded On: 02/25/2021

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Partnerships can make or break the effectiveness of a community development project. Local arts agencies are uniquely positioned to be a conduit role of the arts in helping address community goals. In this webinar, hear from Cara Goger, Executive Director of the Mariposa County Arts Council on how over the past several years she has built successful partnerships with the local municipal planning agency, an environmental conservancy group and the indigenous community native to Mariposa County. Explore how to cultivate partnerships that lead to the inclusion of arts and culture within land management strategies that may utilize traditional practices.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn about how a local arts agency built relationships and how those partnerships are being sustained for long-term community goals.
  • Hear from a local arts agency as they integrate the arts into a land management planning process.

Cara Goger

Executive Director

Mariposa County Arts Council

Cara Goger joined theMariposa County Arts Council, Inc. in 2012 as Executive Director and overseesthe entire organization and its staff.  Ms. Goger holds a graduate degreein Political Science/International Relations and, before taking the helm at theMariposa County Arts Council, worked for eight years with the AjA Projectproviding photography-based educational programming to youth affected by warand displacement and the Museum of Photographic Arts serving as the primaryartist-in-residency for the Museum’s lifespan programming (55+) and leadinstructor for the School in the Park’s 5th grade program. Ms. Gogerbrings several years of experience at engaging a variety of audiences with thecareful study and exploration of art, with particular attention to projectsthat facilitate community engagement and creative placemaking.

Website: http://www.mariposaartscouncil...                        

Mikey Goralnik

Community Design and Development Planner

Mariposa County Planning Department

Mikey Goralnik, AICP, PLA isthe Community Design and Development Planner at the Mariposa (CA) CountyPlanning Department. In this role, he manages interdisciplinary communityplanning and design initiatives, including creative placemaking programs andprojects that blend environmental education, ecological design, and publichealth. He has a BA in American Studies from Tufts University, a MA in City andRegional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a MA in Landscape Architecture fromNorth Carolina State University.



Clay River

Managing Director

American Indian Council of Mariposa County (Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation) and Miwumati Healing Center

Clay Muwin River is the Managing Director for the Southern Sierra Miwuk’s non-profit; American Indian Council of Mariposa County and Miwumati Healing Center. River has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Native Youth Education and a Master of Arts degree in Indigenous Education & Curriculum from Goddard College in Vermont. River has a wide-ranging background on issues that directly impact Native Americans and works directly with tribal governments, tribal consortia, federal agencies and national and regional organizations impacting Indian country. River’s experience areas include cultural arts revitalization, Native education, curriculum, program development and implementation, social services, native wellness and community health, environmental protection and restoration, management and leadership, grant writing and positions held on cultural arts steering committees and boards.

River has served Native communities for most of their life, providing traditional education, cultural training and intergenerational guidance to build resiliency. Clay has traveled, lived and worked in many Native communities across Turtle Island and honors the knowledge learned from hundreds of traditional teachers and elders. Whether they are providing youth leadership training, assisting Elders healing from historical trauma or helping to bring indigenous wellness back to remote native communities, Clay shares their passion for being positive and proactive. River is a cultural arts activist, mural painter, weaver, beader, quilter, land restorer, water protector and a member of the Passamaquoddy and Mi’kmaq Tribes.

Website: https://www.southernsierramiwu...                                                                  


Investing in Local Partnerships to Address Community Goals
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