June Pennsylvania Statewide Training Call

Recorded On: 06/17/2021


June 17, 2021 at 3:00pm ET

Removing Barriers to Your Online Content: Digital Accessibility and Equitable Arts Marketing Best Practices

In the arts and culture sectors, we oftentimes interfuse, overuse, and confuse the terms Inclusivity, Equality, Diversity, and Equity without always having a complete understanding of what each word truly means. Unfortunately, to our constituents, this obfuscation can make us appear insensitive and unaware. As marketers, in our efforts to reach as many people as possible, we sometimes overlook the best practices that enable our targeted audiences to access our content in the first place; this means our reach isn’t as wide and inclusive as it could be. In this session, we will discuss multiple inclusive design methods and the importance of full organizational compliance in making sure people of all abilities can better access our content in the ways we intend.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to recognize inequitable and non-inclusive digital content and spaces.
  • Implement accessibility best practices into digital marketing, and how it can help make your marketing more accessible to all people, including those living with different abilities.
  • Tips and tools to help you create more accessible and inclusive marketing materials and digital content.

About the Pennsylvania Statewide Training Calls

These are monthly calls to gather Pennsylvania-based arts and culture organizations. Participants will receive agenda items and topics at least a week in advance of the scheduled call. For questions, please contact Jerelle Jenkins at jejenkins@artsusa.org

Keya Crenshaw


Black Chick Media

Keya Crenshaw, a native of Columbus, OH, attended The Ohio State University where she received her BA in 2006 with honors and double majors in Women's Studies and Film Studies. Keya has previously held positions at The Ohio State University in the Office of International Affairs, at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, American’s for the Arts, the Brooklyn Arts Council, and the Columbus Post Newspaper.

Founder of Black Chick Media, LLC, Keya acts as a Film Festival Consultant, Digital Media Maven, and Writer. As a creative entrepreneur and actor, Keya is a member of numerous organizations including the League of Professional Theatre Women based in New York City, the So and So Arts Club based in London, England, and Past Productions Columbus. Her most recent book chapter, Unbought & Unbossed: Black Womanist Resistance and the Power of Holding Space, is forthcoming this year from The University of Arizona Press.


June Pennsylvania Statewide Training Call
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