LAA Member COVID EX(change) [LAAs serving large cities/regions (population over 350K)]

Recorded On: 06/15/2020


About this Webinar

June 15th at 1:00pm (EDT)

The Americans for the Arts is organizing free peer dialogues to facilitate member exchange around COVID-19 challenges and recovery strategies. These facilitated peer exchanges are a benefit exclusively for Americans for Arts members.

This COVID EX(change) is designed to connect staff of member LAAs beyond executive directors who participate in USUAF, i.e. staff overseeing programming, grant programs, community engagement, artist services, etc. 

The conversation will explore challenges and positive actions regarding but not limited to:

  • what LAAs are doing in the short-term and expect to do as they move into recovery;
  • how LAAs are connecting with constituents;
  • ways LAAs are working in the context of broader community recovery efforts.

Upon registering, we encourage you to share a few facts and short notes on issues you are working on  as a  warm-up for our COVID-EX(change) conversation. Your confirmation email will provide a link to a brief questionnaire.  


LAA Member COVID Ex(change) [LAAs serving large cities/regions (population over 350K)]