Member Briefing: Tax Reform and the Charitable Deduction

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Join us for this members only 30 minute call to discuss our Statement on Tax Reform and the Charitable Deduction directly with Americans for the Arts staff. We'll update you with the latest news, our position on the issue, and actions you can take right away.

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The Statement

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the charitable contribution deduction, which empowers individuals to give of their personal income for the benefit of the public. The legislation was enacted by Congress in 1917 and has been profoundly successful in promoting charitable giving by Americans. In 2015, individuals were responsible for $265 billion of the $373 billion total private giving (72 percent). Recent debate about federal tax reform, however, puts these benefits at risk with the consideration of policies ranging from reducing the number of taxpayer itemizers with access to the charitable deduction and capping the amount of allowable charitable tax deductions, to creating a hierarchy among charities or even narrowing the definition of charities in a way that would exclude certain kinds of nonprofit organizations.

Americans for the Arts will oppose policies that remove incentives for charitable giving or limit the full scope and value of the tax deduction—for all forms of charitable gifts (arts, religion, education, environment, etc.). We will work to ensure that any change made in tax reform does no less than encourage even more giving by more Americans. With that in mind, Americans for the Arts has joined the Giving100 campaign that seeks to allow charitable tax deductions for all Americans.

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Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs & Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund Organization


Kate McClanahan, Director of Federal Affairs, Americans for the Arts



Bridget Woodbury, Membership Marketing Coordinator, Americans for the Arts


Member Briefing: Tax Reform and the Charitable Deduction
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