Member Office Hour with Nolen Bivens: Ask Me Anything!

May 2023 Member Office Hour

Nolen Bivens: Ask Me Anything!


In this hour-long Ask Me Anything session, you’ll have the opportunity to pose your questions to Nolen Bivens, our President and CEO at Americans for the Arts. For example, here are some questions Nolen has been asking around AFTA lately: 

    -How are working artists and arts administrators adapting post-COVID? 

    -What can members do to support artists in their local communities? 

    -What is a recent art experience that's moved you recently? 

Want to get those questions in ahead of time? Submit your question on this form HERE and we’ll be sure to include it in the session. If we don’t end up getting to your question, we will be sure to reach out after. 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, May 22 at 4:30 ET*! 

*Note: This is a date change! 


Office Hour with Nolen Bivens, CEO
Join us for a brief presentation from our CEO, Nolen Bivens, followed by a Q&A. Bring your questions for an exciting conversation! Learn more about Nolen HERE! Live event: 05/22/2023 at 4:30 PM (EDT) You must register to access.