Module 3: Partnerships and Collaborations

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Artists at the Community Development Table

This module dives into what it takes to work together in arts-based community development. Here we look at what the elements are of both partnership and collaboration. As we lay the groundwork, there are ways to check assumptions and promote understanding as we agree to and manage outcomes and evaluation criteria. Partnerships and collaborations form maps of relationships, actions, and expectations. 

Participants will:

  • Define and compare what makes a successful partnership and what makes a successful collaboration.
  • Explore the concept of power dynamics and how it applies to community development and relationships.
  • Review program models that illustrate how to successfully enter, work with, and exit a community.
  • Understand the notion of accountability and ‘who holds the stories’ of a community including ethical sharing and archiving in a community.

This module includes:

  • A webinar
  • An interactive worksheet
  • A quiz

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Roseann Weiss

Creative Advisor

Roseann Weiss is a creative advisor and strategist about the intersections of art and community working independently as ART +. She has 30 years of experience in arts leadership in nonprofit arts institutions, community organizations, and gallery settings. Her expertise centers in arts-based community development, community and public arts, artists' professional development, and grant-making. For 14 years, she guided the Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute at the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission, which is an innovative, cross-sector program designed around art as a powerful agent for social change. Among her current projects are Lead Educator for Arts as Civic Engagement program at the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University and working with Americans for the Arts to create guides, webinars, and workshops for “Artists at the Community Development Table.”



Pacia Elaine Anderson

Spoken Word Artist

Like her poetic work, Pacia Elaine Anderson's commitment to community care has its roots in the church. Guided by deeply spiritual elder women who ministered in jails, volunteered as
hospice caregivers, and fostered children, Pacia Elaine learned early that a purposeful life is one that is lived creatively, communally, and in the humble service of others. As an adult, this
self-described Word Artist 's work meets at the intersection of arts-learning and community development, with a focus on youth advocacy and the reclamation of the cultural traditions of
the African Diaspora. Pacia Elaine collaborates as a teaching artist, creative consultant, and community development and engagement strategist with numerous organizations and institutions, both locally and nationally. In 2020 she was named Community Impact Artist by the St. Louis Visionary awards, and serves on the boards of Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts, and St. Louis Art Place, an artist housing initiative.



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ACDT Module 3: Partnerships and Collaborations Webinar
ACDT Module 3: Partnerships and Collaborations Quiz