Public Art Pulse Check

About this Conversation

November 16, 2020 at 2:30 PM EST

Americans for the Arts members are invited to be part of Public Art Pulse Check, an interactive program for attendees to dive into timely issues and trends affecting the public art field today. Led by the Public Art Network (PAN) Advisory Council, attendees will learn ways Americans for the Arts are addressing current public art-related issues, and engage with each other to share experiences and knowledge on issues facing local public art programs and practitioners.

Participants to this event will:

  • Learn how current national issues are affecting public art programs and practitioners across the country.
  • Network with other colleagues who are dealing with similar issues in public art at the local level.
  • Hear how Americans for the Arts is continuing to support the public art field through current issues. 

This event is designed to encourage dialogue and knowledge sharing on how to address public art issues. To ensure that this event enables a safe space for sharing, the event will not be recorded. Presented by the Public Art Network Advisory Council.



Public Art Pulse Check
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