Series: Current Trends in Public Art

Recorded On: 04/22/2015

Part 1: Public Art & Honoring Military Veterans

During the first Discussion Series we will be looking at public artworks that speak to and about military veterans. We will hear about the national intersection between arts and the military and learn about the North Carolina Veterans Park as an example of a public art project honoring military veterans and a state-wide coordination over multiple government agencies. Both artists and administrators alike will learn how to work within the veteran community to create supportive public works of art.

Presented by: Deborah Martin Mintz, Executive Director, Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County; Margo Jarvis, Research/Analysis & Special Projects Director, Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County; Susan Saloom, Military and Veterans Arts Initiatives Specialist AmeriCorps VISTA Member, Americans for the Arts

Recorded March 18, 2015

Part 2: Social Practice

This is the second part of a three part discussion series on new topics and trends in the public art field. Participants will hear from Jules Rochielle, Founder, Researcher, and Curator of the Social Practices Art Network (SPAN), a resource for individuals, organizations, community groups, and institutions that are interested in new genre art forms and practices. In 2014, SPAN launched an international research project focused on the needs of socially and community engaged artists. The SPAN collective developed an international survey and study that has reached and engaged over 500 artists from around the globe that participate in socially engaged art practices.

Participants will then hear from De Andrea Nichols social entrepreneur, museum educator, and communication designer based in St. Louis, MO. Nichols will speak about her program FoodSpark, a series of monthly, themed, and potluck-style dinner parties that serve as a chance to meet, make friends, and share social ideas on the topics that are selected each dinner. She will also share a little about the United Story project that uses story-based events, workshops, and projects to address social topics that interest communities. Both projects are run by Nichols' Civic Creatives team and use art and creative practice for civic matchmaking and community-based problem solving.

Presented by: Jules Rochielle, Founder, Researcher, and Curator of the Social Practices Art Network; De Andrea Nichols social entrepreneur, museum educator, and communication designer, St. Louis, MO

Recorded April 22, 2015

Part 3: Arts Education

The final webinar in the current trends series will explore the cross-section of public art and arts education. This webinar will bring together expert practitioners to examine the intersection of the fields, discuss the shared language and begin to synthesis strategies to work towards shared outcomes. In this webinar you will learn about successful projects and processes for artists, administrators and educators working in this space.

Presented by: Michele Cohen, Curator, Federal Government; Matt D'Arrigo, Founder and CEO, A Reason To Survive | ARTS and Arts Education Network Council member

Recorded May 27, 2015


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