Speak with Impact: Public Speaking for Creative Professionals

Recorded On: 05/15/2019


 About this Webinar

Key factors in effective presenting and public speaking include clarify, confidence, and being the expert in the room. Join us for a webinar with Communication and Career Coach, Madeline Schwarz as she takes a look at effective ways to overcome your nerves, structure a presentation, and captivate a room.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify techniques to overcome nerves so you can engage your audience.
  • Utilize objectives to structure your presentation and stay on track, even when you're nervous.
  • Discover how to bring more energy to communication so you can clearly and confidently talk about your work and inspire action.

Madeline Schwarz

Communication Coach

Madeline Schwarz helps creative professionals get their ideas seen, heard, and respected. She teaches people how to articulate their thoughts, communicate the value of their work, and share their ideas in ways that their teammates and clients understand. She brings an introvert’s perspective to public speaking and infuses her training with process and play. Madeline coaches professionals privately and in small, carefully curated groups designed to revolutionize what it feels like to communicate in high-pressure and professional settings. She teaches a small group class called Speak with Impact and facilitates workshops on public speaking and team communication for Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations. She has spoken at branding agencies, nonprofits, financial service companies, colleges, and professional networking groups.

When she’s not working, you can find her playing with Legos with her 5-year-old and community organizing around local school issues. 

Website: madelineschwarzcoaching.com

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Contact Madeline: madeline@madelineschwarz.com

Website: madelineschwarzcoaching.com


Speak with Impact: Public Speaking for Creative Professionals
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