Arts and Community Development

Recorded On: 10/18/2019


 About this Webinar

Arts and community development requires a variety of partnerships and collaborations, often with individuals and groups from non-arts sectors. Understanding how socioeconomic, political and cultural values intersect is crucial to moving development forward; additionally, ambitious artistic endeavors can be stymied by a lack of funding and knowledge of local ordinances or public policies, and the inability to connect with valuable community stakeholders. Resourcing (beyond “money”) is foundational to the work of community-engaged development. 

Using real-world examples and Love Bank Park in St. Louis, MO as a case study, this webinar will explore how to identify assets, be proactive about potential challenges, and work with a variety of individuals to grow sustainable development through art-based projects and initiatives. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Exploration of arts-based development projects that work with (and benefit) both artists and non-artists alike.
  • Utilize inquiry processes to identify community needs and challenges.
  • Understand how to cultivate multilevel partnerships that can grow community-engaged, cross-sector collaborations.

About the Series

The arts make more things possible, from better education to greater health outcomes to a more civically-engaged citizenry—but people don’t always see the connection to the arts when change happens. From education and job security to housing, public safety, the military, and more, demonstrating the social impact of the arts and other sectors is increasingly important.  In this series, we will examine the social impact of the arts and other sectors. Join us each month for a new webinar and topic.

Pacia Elaine Anderson

Spoken Word Artist

Pacia Elaine (Anderson) is a St. Louis-based written, spoken, visual, and teaching Word Artist. She is a graduate of the Community Arts Training Institute, an Urban Bushwomen SLI Alumnus, a founding member of the art-based youth initiative Cherokee Street Reach, and serves as a Dean in the Zakatu Madrasa. Pacia is chair of the St. Louis Brick City Poetry Festival and a Missouri Regional Coordinator for the NEA-sponsored Poetry Out Loud youth recitation competition. Liaison for the Great Rivers Greenway Artists of Color Council, Pacia is also a consulting artist and facilitator with Americans for the Arts’ Artists at the Community Development Table initiative. Pacia is a Steering Committee member for the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Plan and does extensive community work in the Cherokee Street Community Improvement District. She has served as Curation Assistant to Inaugural St. Louis Poet Laureate Dr. Michael Castro, is a past Springboard to Learning Professional Development Facilitator for teaching artistsand has collaborated as a teaching artist and consultant with numerous schools, non-profit, and community-based organizations, both locally and nationally.  In 2016, Pacia released her first spoken word poetry album titled circa.ep. Her work has been published in collections, anthologies, and media such as Drumvoices RevueCrossing the Divide, and All the Art. Her first collection of poetry and writing is forthcoming.




Arts and...Community Development
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