Supporting Individual Artists Coffee Chat: Disaster Support for Artists

Recorded On: 09/26/2019


About this Conversation

Americans for the Arts is excited to bring you a monthly series of informal discussions about supporting individual artists. As part of Americans for the Arts ongoing program, Arts Administrators Essentials: Supporting Individual Artists, these monthly "Coffee Chats" are your opportunity to hear from individuals and organizations in the arts and culture field that support individual artists as part of their everyday work. Each month, we will bring you a new topic to support your work with artists. Our topic for September 2019 will be about disaster support for individual artists.

What types of disaster support do artists need to thrive?

Join Carrie Cleveland, Education + Outreach Manager with CERF+, for a conversation about disaster support for artists. Carrie will talk about wow CERF+ has  expanded its work from emergency relief to include serving artists BEFORE emergencies and the specific needs of artists before and after emergencies; building the artists safety net: how we can work together to keep artists working; what resources CERF+ has available to support artists in your community.

This project is supported in part by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.


Carrie Cleveland

Education + Outreach Manager, CERF+

Carrie Cleveland is the Education + Outreach Manager at CERF+ where she has held various other positions since 2008. During this time, she has participated in all aspects of the organization’s work to help artists have resilient careers, from counseling artists seeking emergency assistance to spearheading $100,000 fundraising appeals to teaching emergency preparedness workshops across the United States and territories. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history, with extensive work in the visual arts, from Marlboro College and prior to her time at CERF+ she spent several years living in New York City where she was an entomologist’s assistant by day and a tenor saxophone player by night. Carrie’s work stems from a drive to empower people to have agency in their careers and lives, and to help remove barriers to access. In addition to her work at CERF+, Carrie is a student of Facilitated Communication, an alternative communication method to support people with disabilities; and she is also a beginning metalsmith.


Twitter: @cerfplus


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Supporting Individual Artists Coffee Chat: Disaster Support for Artists Coffee Chat
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